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Yes, my last name really is Diamond. I now hyphenate my name to Diamond-Reece. I am a third generation jeweler and currently work alongside my mother, Ellen Diamond. Her mother, my grandmother Rebecca, was the baby of 10 children. All of whom immigrated to the United States in the 1930’s. Eight of them started jewelry/pawn businesses in various cities in Texas.

After World War II, my grandfather, Mitchel Victor, for who I am named (Mitchel/Michelle) went to work with two of my grandmother’s brothers. Morris Zale came to my grandfather and offered him an opportunity to leave the family business and open a Zales store in Fort Worth, Texas. My mother worked for my grandfather part-time all through college, learning the jewelry business.

Shortly after my parents met and married in Fort Worth, my grandfather died. My father, Mark Diamond came to Albuquerque to visit his parents, and was literally in the right place at the right time. As he was doing an errand, picking up his mother’s watch, he was offered a management position by the owner of a small, locally-owned watch and Native American jewelry business. He accepted that job, and later when the owner became ill, the store was sold to my parents. My father had the perfect name and the ability to repair jewelry, and like my mother, had a head for the jewelry business. This was when the business became a fine jewelry store. I came into it a bit over 25 years ago and we’ve been in business since I was born…50 years.

Joe Mares

Joe began his journey in the jewelry industry in 2002 and has experience in both wholesale and retail aspects of the business. Joe has made customer service his top priority at Mark Diamond’s Jewelers. He continues using the knowledge of watch repairs that was taught to him personally by Mark Diamond. Joe carries on the legacy as part owner and working alongside Michelle.  Joe desires to keep the family tradition of being one of New Mexico’s premiere jewelers for the next 45 years. Joe is also an Accredited Jewelry Professional, certified through G.I.A. In his free time, he loves to golf and gives back to the community by coaching youth sports. Joe also loves spending time with his family and is privileged to work with his wife part-time.

Victor Nemudrov

Victor has been with Mark Diamond’s Jewelers since 1987. Victor began his jewelry apprenticeship in 1970 and has worked at a jewelers bench since then. He specializes in repairs and pave settings. Victor also enjoys making custom jewelry. Additionally, Victor has been machine engraving since 1967 and is also one of a few still practicing hand engraving.

Ellen Diamond

Ellen Diamond came from an entire family of jewelers. Her mother was the baby of ten children and eight of those children became jewelers throughout the state of Texas. After Ellen’s father died, Ellen and Mark Diamond’s moved to Albuquerque, (Yes… his name really WAS Diamond). Ellen and Mark started Mark Diamond’s Jewelers in 1973. Her love of the jewelry business and her clients keep her still active today. She loves to play golf and enjoys lunch out with the girls, and an occasional game of Mahjong.

Michelle Diamond-Reece

Michelle who is President has followed tradition, being a 3rd generation jeweler. She gained great knowledge and experience as she grew up around the store. Michelle, now majority owner, helps run the store alongside Joe Mares and Ellen Diamond. Michelle has been an award-winning jewelry designer through the New Mexico Jewelers Association for the State of New Mexico. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her husband Jeff Reece as his companion on motorcycle rides, hiking and camping with him and their dogs. Michelle also loves to express her creativity through cooking.

Emilio Medina

Emilio is truly a “people” person. He is very easy going, super friendly with an open mind and open heart. Emilio is extremely talented artistically which gives him an edge for the creative ability to customize jewelry and help visualize any jewelry creation. Emilio is a full-time film student at the University of New Mexico as well as an asset to the Mark Diamond’s Jewelers team. In his free time, he loves to write, draw and watch sports.

Sydney Hallenbeck

Growing up I spent a lot of time studying ballet and modern dance. I always thought I’d become a doctor. My undergraduate degree is in Chemistry from Oklahoma State, and my Masters is in Chemistry from the University of Georgia. Instead of my chosen field, I ended up working, and voraciously learning about fine jewelry. In Athens, Georgia, I took a position in a fine jewelry store that both my mother and grandmother had been clients. I quickly became exposed to jewelry repairs, colored stones, and diamonds. I learn very easily so I immersed myself into absorbing as much as I could on a daily basis. My husband, Nick, transferred to Albuquerque in March, 2022. After researching available jewelry stores to work with, I count myself fortunate to be accepted as member of the MDJ team. I am excited to have the opportunity to meet new people and share their life experiences taking care of their jewelry needs.

Cooper Reece

Cooper is the newest addition to the Mark Diamond’s family. He is a New Mexico native, born in Belen to Desert Willow Aussies. He is our store greeter and a shopping companion for our guests. He’s super sweet, loves riding in the car, jumping in the air for toys and doing tricks for treats.

In Loving Memory...

Chloe Diamond

Chloe was the original MDJ dog. She was a people loving dog who never met a stranger, affectionately called “Wiggle Butt” she will be remembered but never forgotten. In true Chloe fashion she passed on the anniversary of Mark’s death. She is dearly missed.

A message from Chloe…


“I’m wiggling with Dad!”

A Message From Mark Diamond's

In Loving Memory of Mark Diamond (1947-2016)

Mark Diamond’s Jewelers celebrates nearly 50 years of family tradition in Albuquerque.

Mark founded Mark Diamond’s Jewelers with his wife, Ellen, after moving to New Mexico from Texas. With his engineering and artistic background, the blending of the two enabled Mark to tackle many of the technical aspects of the jewelry industry. From repairing watches and jewelry, to sketching award-winning custom designs, Mark for many years was the hub of the business. Mark had a passion for cars and was active in the community supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation through the Rio Grande Corvette Club car shows. Mark loved fishing and traveling.

Today, Mark Diamond’s Jewelers continues the family tradition of offering the finest designer jewelry, engagement rings, and custom designs in New Mexico.