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Experience the transformative journey of creating a custom piece with Mark Diamonds. From the initial consultation to the presentation of the finished masterpiece, each step is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and your unique story.

Design Process

Consultation - Crafting Your Vision

We will want to hear/see your ideas, preferences, and inspirations. During this collaborative session, we delve into the details of your vision, ensuring every element reflects your unique style. Through open communication, we work together to conceptualize the perfect design that captures the essence of your story.

CAD Drawing - Transforming Ideas into Precision

Once your vision is articulated, we bring it to life through state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design (CAD). This technology allows us to create detailed and precise digital renderings of your custom piece. You will have the opportunity to review and refine the CAD drawing, ensuring that every nuance aligns with your expectations.

3D Wax Model - Tangible Beauty Takes Shape

With your approval of the CAD drawing, we transition to the next phase—the creation of a 3D wax model. This is where we transform the digital design into a tangible wax prototype. This model provides a three-dimensional preview of your custom piece,
allowing you to witness its proportions and intricacies before the final creation. The 3D wax model ensures that the design is flawless and aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Casting & Setting - Artistry in Metal and Gemstones

During this phase, we transition from the raw sculpture to a wearable jewelry piece. This step involves assembling all components, setting gemstones, polishing, finishing and perfecting prong work, and addressing any other customizations like personal engravings.

Finished Piece - Unveiling Your Masterpiece

The culmination of artistry and dedication—the final step is the completion of your piece. We polish, refine, and inspect every detail, ensuring that the finished piece is a true reflection of your vision. Each finished piece is not just jewelry; it's a testament to the collaboration, craftsmanship, and the individuality that sets it apart.


Some of our happy customers

This is hands down (pun intended...) the BEST place to go for your engagement ring. Ellen was welcoming of all of our questions and walked us through the process of custom designing a beautiful ruby ring. She was straightforward and honest about what would work and wouldn't work. The result is stunning! I cannot imagine trusting any other company with such an important purchase.

- Kimberly and Reggie

Mark Diamond’s is amazing! They fixed my wedding and engagement rings that were badly damaged by another jeweler. Joe in particular is SUCH a nice, truly genuine guy! He also got my rings back to me before my honeymoon (which is amazing, considering how damaged they were). He was punctual, respectful, and fun! Forever grateful to you Joe! And aloha on our way to Maui with drinks on Joe!

- Andrea Schleyer

Emilio took care of us like if we were family - We walked away with a wonderful masterpiece they custom-built for my fiancé and I still can’t believe how happy she is with her ring. I’ll be forever glad we were in such good hands when buying our wedding rings! Emilio, you’re the man, thank you so much for everything you did for us!

- Emmanuel Encarnacion

From the design process to updating me from week to week couldn't have made me and my husband feel more comfortable. The final result was a beautiful ring and band that I am so incredibly proud of. Thank you, Sydney, for making our vision a reality!

- Misty Jester

My fiancé and I brought my platinum engagement set to MDJ for sizing. I am completely blown away by the amazing customer service and the quality of work that was done. They took my rings from a size 7 to a 5.5, let me tell you, my rings are flawless. Not to mention, both rings were sized within 4 days. I will definitely be a lifelong customer. My only regret is not finding Mark Diamond's Jewelers sooner.

- Cindy Romero

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